Promo Opportunities for Bands:
The whole point of this website is to offer as many opportunities for bands to get heard, get fans, and get signed as we can. This page is the place! Be sure to check back here often (weekly at least -- the opportunities will change/be added to frequently). If anyone hears of a good opportunity, please write to me ( and I will be sure to add it.

Also, you will probably notice that many of the booking listings here are out of date...don't be too concerned about this...obviously, club bookers are busy people, and they sometimes forget to send me updates...the important thing is that their contact info is all still current, and these guys always need bands to fill their available slots. Just write to them and politely ask what dates are available and if you may submit. :)

Booking Opportunities - NEW Dates - Fat Baby (LES); The Charleston (Williamsburg Brooklyn)

The following was sent to me by Volkan Eryaman of Hangman Booking:

"Hi Everyone,

Here are some more open sets and dates @ Fat Baby in the LES and The Charleston in Williamsburg . Again, if I didn't respond to any previous e mails just get back to me. Everyone, especially all new bands, please read the conditions for booking shows at both Fat Baby and The Charleston at the end of this [listing] before making any requests. If you are not familiar with these venues please ask questions."


December 11th
7pm & 8pm - open
9pm - The Medicine Makers
10pm - The Crisis Team

December 12th
7pm - Cyderobin
8pm - open
930pm - Windsor Circle

December 18th
7pm & 8pm - open
9pm - The Pit Brothers Band
10pm - Eye of the Dawn

December 13,14,15, 19, 21, 22, 23, 27, 28, 29 - wide open

January 8th
7pm - open
8pm - Anthony Plank
9pm - open
10pm - open

January 10, 11, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 22, 24, 25, 26, 29, 30, 31 - wide open

We are booking through February as well. Many open dates.


December 15, 20, 21, 23, 27,28
January 4,5,10,11,13,14,18,19,24-28.31,
February -1,2,3,7,8,9,11 - all wide open



**We must rasie $70 per set to cover the cost of sound engineer, door person and security. Normally what we do is charge a $7 cover and take the first 10ppl per set. Then give the bands everything else they make at the door. You are welcome to chage the cover charge to whatever you like as long as our overhead of $70 per set gets covered. Out of town bands and other bands who might have trouble bringing in enough people to cover the overhead through the door can pay in advance, on the day of the show, and keep 100% of the door profits they bring in. We can also help find other local bands of the same genre to put on the bill. If you can bring other local bands on to your bill then you will have priority.

**Sunday through Tuesday shows can go on till 2am. Friday shows end at 11pm and Saturday shows end by 1030pm

**Bands get half off drinks all night long.

**Fat Baby has a house drum set but you must bring your own snare, kick pedal, clutch and cymbals. There are no house amps. We have 5 mics, stands, XLR cables, 2 di boxes, monitors, PA mixing board and a sound engineer.


**We must raise $100 total for the entire show. All over profits get divided between bands with help towards touring bands. If you are an out of town band you must bring at least 2 other local nyc bands onto your bill.

**The Charleston has 5 mics, XLR cables, stands, monitors, PA, mixing board and a sound engineer. No house drum set or amps.

**Shows can go on as late a 2am.

*Bands get half off drinks all night long.

IMPORTANT: For all booking request please provide the following info:

band name:
contact info:
estimate draw:
link to bands profile (myspace or other):


Volkan Eryaman
Fat Baby:,
The Charleston Basement:

Booking Opportunities - DJ MOJO - Various Clubs

"All Nyc/Brooklyn bands with a verified draw (a minimum of 20) are wanted for my wed night shows at Trash bar as well as consideration for my larger weekend nights at Southpaw and Delancey lounge. All music types will be considered; primary
prerequisites are: professsionalism, draw, quality of music, innovation and freashness of product. Please respond to
w/ your Myspace address and I will provide you w/ a mailing address so you can send me your cd/demo."


booking/dj services
every Tuesday at:

DJ MOJO Update (9/8/2009):

Dates for nov-jan are availble, if you're looking to play a wed showcase or a weekend or would like to co-curate a show hit me off asap!

booking/dj services
every Tuesday at:

Booking Opportunity - Win Cash & Prizes!!!
Porkys NYC

The Original Porkys NYC
Now Under New Management
Presents an ALL NEW Tuesday Night

The Lowdown:
Looking for local bands who want to be heard, and have a following who want to hear them!
Every Tuesday Night Starting July 1st Porkys NYC will host two bands who will each get a set (time based on bands choice). Bands will bring their own instruments and equipment. Porkys NYC will provide backline. Bands will also be treated like royalty, having their own VIP table and also provided with complementary drinks for band members.

The Promotion:
Bands will be provided with tickets to either give away or sell to their fans to help promote their event. (Porkys NYC gets NO compensation for tickets, or ticket sales)

The Prize:
Fans will be greeted upon entry with a ballot they will vote with after hearing both bands.
Band that receives the most votes wins a $250 Cash Prize paid the night of, and also a chance to come back and play against other winning bands for a chance to win an all expense paid trip to vegas! This is a great way to be heard, and a great way to party with your friends and fans!

Call Jessica now at 212-675-8007 to book a Tuesday date with your band!! Dates are already filling up, so call Jessica now!

Porkys NYC * 55 West 21st NY, NY 10010 212.675.8007

Booking Opportunity
Rock the Bowery Productions

Hi Everyone,

Benjamin from Rock the Bowery Productions has sent me the following:

I'm looking to book shows in the following neighborhoods of NYC. Please get in touch ASAP if you'd like to play shows in these areas.

East Village, Manhattan (18+ & 21+)

Times Square (21+)

Williamsburg, Brooklyn (21+)

Greenpoint, Brooklyn (18+ & 21+)

Park Slope, Brooklyn (ALL AGES)

Stapleton, Staten Island (ALL AGES)


Rock the Bowery Productions
P.S. My next show is at the Fortune Cookie Lounge in the East Village on Monday, June 2 at 8 PM. Check out for details.

24 Hour Art/Music/Poetry Event Needs Musicians...
(Deadline: Reply ASAP)

Hi Everyone,

I just received the following information from one of my friends about an event in Queens, so I'm passing it along to all of you...

"My group, Poetas in NY,
is filled with not only poets, but also musicians, photographers, film makers, writers and painters.... We're currently organizing a 24 hour Marathon for the dates of June 21 (starting at 7pm) to June 22. (at the Diversity Center of Queens)."

"Basically, it's 24 hours of non-stop art... the purpose is to promote local artists and to unite their voice to the support of social causes: Human Rights, rights for immigrants...etc."

"We're looking for musicians who might be interested in supporting the cause. Since it's a non-stop event setting up a whole band might take too long, but guitar players and other types of musicians (or poets) who might be interested in joining are more than welcome to do so."

"It's a multi-lingual event, open mic too."

"If you know of anyone who might be interested in participating, please have them contact me:"

Elizabeth Torres
Poetas en NY

Get your Stuff on the Radio

Here's an excellent opportunity for you to get some airplay...the station is 90.3 the Core (, and the show is the New Brunswick Basement Show run by Murdock & Johny. Here's a brief description:

"We love the dirty dank cold feeling of a basement before the band plays and the crowd pours... we are also into punk hardcore metal ska pop screamo local music..."

"We are looking to meet local bands that probably don't have a label and just play little venues to bring them on our radio show as a chance to grow in popularity we would like to bring a venue for local bands to get played on the radio and bring the bands venues to play around new brunswick like basement shows and bars. If you are interested in either message us now! Or else die."

That's pretty clear, right? I hope you opt to message them, rather than die, LOL.

You can contact Murdock & Johny on MySpace at, or you can send them your CD's:

Attn: New Brunswick Basement Show
64 Joyce Kilmer Avenue
Piscataway NJ, 08854

Get your Video Featured on the NYCMUSIC.NET Video Page!

Want lots of people to see your video? All I need is your video's YouTube or MySpace URL and its embed code...and also the URL of your band's website or MySpace page, of course, so I can place a link to you...copy all the information into an email and send it to me at That's it. Pretty simple, right?

I will rotate the videos on the page every so often, so everybody gets a chance to be seen and the page doesn't get too cluttered.

Of course, this service is free and will be FOR PROMOTIONAL PURPOSES ONLY.  By sending me your videos for inclusion on the page, you acknowledge that you grant me all necessary (nonexclusive) rights to reproduce and broadcast your videos, and all underlying music, performances, and artwork they may contain, worldwide for the purposes stated above, free of charge.  You also acknowledge that you are the sole copyright holder of the videos, and all underlying music, performances, and artwork they may contain, and that you will be solely liable for all costs and damages (including legal fees incurred by myself or NYCMUSIC.NET) that may arise in the event of a copyright or other dispute. [Legalese...ick!...but it's necessary.]

Alright, that said, send in those videos so I can post them for you!

Booking Opportunities
(NYC Bands Only; Deadline: Reply ASAP)

Talent booker Lee Sobel has just listed the following available dates. He emphasizes that you MUST be able to draw -- if you don't think you can fill the room, then please don't apply!:

"Seeking Funk, Metal, Prog, Female-Fronted Bands and more!"

"I have slots I need to close at shows I am booking -- if any of the below dates work for you please let me know asap. It is imperative that you be able to draw people to see your band as none of these clubs have any kind of "walk-in" crowd - thanks!"

"Note the theme nites I am in progress of booking. If your band fits any of these please let me know."

"Also I am interested in booking bands that can get other bands they are friends with to play with them -- this always makes for a better event. Thanks!"



Friday December 28 - 8, 12AM OPEN
Thursday January 3 - 9, 10, 11PM OPEN
Friday January 4 - 8, 9, 11PM, 12AM OPEN
Saturday January 5 - 8PM, 12AM OPEN (PROG NITE)
Friday January 11 - 8, 11PM OPEN
Saturday January 12 - 8PM OPEN
Thursday January 17 - TOTALLY OPEN
Saturday January 19 - 11PM OPEN (PROG NITE)
Thursday January 24 - TOTALLY OPEN
Friday January 25 - 11PM, 12AM OPEN
Thursday February 7 - TOTALLY OPEN
Saturday February 9 - 8, 9, 11PM, 12AM OPEN - JAM BANDS/CLASSIC ROCK NITE
Thursday February 14 - TOTALLY OPEN
Friday February 15 - 8, 9, 11PM, 12AM OPEN - SOUL/FUNK NITE
Saturday February 16 - TOTALLY OPEN
Thursday February 21 - TOTALLY OPEN
Friday February 22 - TOTALLY OPEN
Saturday February 23 - 8, 9PM OPEN
Thursday February 28 - TOTALLY OPEN

Wednesday December 26 - 9, 11PM OPEN
Thursday December 27 - 8PM OPEN
Friday December 28 - 7PM OPEN
Wednesday January 2 - TOTALLY OPEN
Thursday January 3 - 7, 8, 9, 11PM OPEN
Friday January 4 - 7PM OPEN
Wednesday January 9 - 7, 8PM OPEN
Wednesday January 16 - TOTALLY OPEN
Friday January 18 - 7, 9PM OPEN
Wednesday January 23 - 7PM
Thursday January 31 - TOTALLY OPEN
Wednesday February 6 - TOTALLY OPEN
Thursday February 7 - TOTALLY OPEN
Saturday February 9 - 7, 8PM OPEN
Wednesday February 13 - TOTALLY OPEN
Thursday February 14 - TOTALLY OPEN
Friday February 15 - 7, 8, 9PM OPEN
Saturday February 16 - 7, 8PM OPEN
Wednesday February 20 - 7, 8, 9, 11PM OPEN
Thursday February 21 - 7, 8, 10, 11PM OPEN - FEMALE FRONTED BANDS
Friday February 22 - 7, 8, 9PM OPEN
Saturday February 23 - 7, 8, 9PM OPEN
Wednesday February 27 - TOTALLY OPEN
Thursday February 28 - TOTALLY OPEN

Thursday January 10 - 11PM OPEN
Thursday January 17 - 7, 11PM OPEN
Thursday January 24 - 7PM OPEN
Thursday February 7 - 7, 11PM OPEN
Thursday February 14 - 8, 9, 10, 11PM OPEN
Thursday February 21 - 7, 8, 11PM OPEN
Thursday February 28 - 7, 9, 11PM OPEN

Best wishes,
Lee Sobel

Day Jobs for People Who Only Want to do Music

I just found a great website that lists only music jobs, so I am sharing it with you searched the site for jobs in New York City and 17 pages of listings appeared. These were all real decent sounding full time jobs (not unpaid internships), and the oldest listings in the bunch were only one month old. The site is not free, but I think I can endorse it with confidence because the listings are very high quality and membership is quite reasonable -- $10/month, $60/year, or $5/month for recent graduates and interns. If you are serious about a career in music, but you can't afford to survive by performing or record sales alone (who among us can?), then you should probably check this site out. Heck, I might just post my own resume up there. :)

By the way, the site is not just for New Yorkers, it's for the entire USA. Just thought I should mention this, because I know that more and more of my site visitors now come from other states...

Performers Needed - Open Mic Night at Otto's Shrunken Head

Otto's hosts Wicked Wednesdays with Billy Magee & Friends every Wednesday from 6 - 10 PM in the back room. All talent is welcome and no sign up is required. Drums are OK until 8:00 due to another act in the front room. Stop by and play some's a great chance to test your new songs for the public!

For more information contact

Booking Opportunity - Frank Wood Presents

Frank is one of New York's best known promoters...he usually has dates available at various clubs around NY and around the country...visit his website at and be sure to check the calendar for available slots before emailing him.

Mr. Wood can be contacted at

Booking Opportunity - Pussycat Lounge

Joi from The Pussycat Lounge sends me the following:

"We have a bunch of slots on weeknights in Oct, Mon-Weds...possibly a weekend here and there and more in Nov."

"If you have a full Fri/Sat night bill in mind, email me about Dec./Jan..."

"Special preference to bands we've worked with before, but we're always looking for new acts, too."

Email for more info:

"21+ only please (meaning, musicians, too, sorry...)"

Booking Opportunity

Ethan from Antagonist Art Movement writes:

"I book bands for one night art shows on Thursday nights. We can't pay the bands but its a good show with art in the other room. There is no cover for these shows. If you know any bands that would like to play please pass on my info."


Booking Opportunity - Metal & Hardcore Bands

The following information is from Rachel Martinez of Por Vida Productions:


"Jorge (Merauder) and I will be setting up some shows for our company "POR VIDA PRODUCTIONS" for local New York and regional bands to open up for some of our bigger national shows. If you are interested and can pull your own crowd to these shows, please send us an email to:"

"And if you are not already our friend, please become our friend at:

Thank you,

Rachel Martinez

Let's Play a Game

The game is called "Find Frank Wood". The rules are simple -- each week, surf around NYCMUSIC.NET until you find the little cartoon image of legendary NYC music promoter Frank Wood that I have hidden somewhere on this website. When you find him, email me at and tell me where he was hiding...the first person that successfully finds Frank & emails me with his location wins a cool get your MySpace profile featured in the "MySpace Space of the Week" corner located on the front page of NYCMUSIC.NET. This means that LOTS of people are going to see you and visit your page, plus I will even make a bulletin post on MySpace to my ever growing huge GIGANTIC list of friends so that even more people will go check you out & listen to your music!

This game is open to anyone -- bands & fans alike -- you don't have to be in a band or be from New York to win. It's your chance to get your 15 minutes of fame!

Note: the winner is the first person who successfully finds Frank & emails me with his secret location, not the first person who finds Frank. So if you find him, email me quick & tell me his location; the first such email into my box is the winner!

In the unlikely event that no-one finds Frank, then I will probably just choose a NYC band at random to be the no matter what, someone gets lucky each week and gets some extra exposure. Hey, it's all good. :)

Oh, by the way, this is what you are looking for:

[<--But it's only HERE for illustration purposes, the REAL winning image is sneakily hidden somewhere else on this website. I repeat: THIS ONE HERE IS NOT THE WINNING IMAGE! LOOK ELSEWHERE!!!]

Post Ads on NYCMUSIC.NET for FREE!

For the time being, all ads on NYCMUSIC.NET are 100% free, so hurry up & send 'em in!.

You can advertise your band, your CD, your upcoming shows, your label, or whatever...just as long as the ad has something to do with music and your band is from (or occasionally plays shows in) the New York metro area. Ads can be any size or shape within reason, but please try to keep them under about 300 pixels square so that there will be room for everyone.

Email them to me at

Ads will appear on our main page, and possibly other pages of the site as well, depending on demand.

No shit, all ads are what are you waiting for???

Get your Song Featured in the NYCMUSIC.NET MySpace Player!

There are so many great New York bands that I want people to hear...I use the music player on the NYCMUSIC.NET MySpace page ( like it's my own private NYC radio station. (UPDATE 5/15/2008: I will eventually have a second player for out-of-town bands as well. Everyone please be patient; I am working to set this up.)

Bands, email me if you would like to have one of your songs featured in our player.  Yeah, I know you've got probably got your own MySpace player, but chances are that I will be able to expose your music to a much bigger & very different audience than the folks that normally frequent your own page (who already know what you sound like anyway).  Plus, we are experiencing explosive growth as a company, so it won't be long before our MySpace page is getting tons of traffic, if present trends are any indication of the future.  So, inclusion in our player will be great exposure for you, I promise.  :)

Please send your .mp3 and accompanying photo to Please note: song file size should not exceed 6MB (the MySpace upload limit), and it's helpful if your band's name is included in the photo so people can tell at a glance who they are listening to.

I rotate the songs in the player every so often, and try to give everyone equal time.  Rotation frequency depends on the demand for space in the player.  I will also put you in our top friends for as long as your song remains in the player (so people can find your MySpace page easily to hear more of your stuff).

Of course, this service is FOR PROMOTIONAL PURPOSES ONLY, and I am unable to pay royalties, etc.  [Maybe someday if MySpace decides to pay everyone royalties for song plays in their players then I will definitely consider it...but until then, forget it, sorry.]  By sending me your songs for inclusion in the player, you acknowledge that you grant me all necessary (nonexclusive) rights to reproduce and broadcast your music (and all accompanying images) worldwide for the purposes stated above, free of charge.  You also acknowledge that you are the sole copyright holder of any compositions, recordings, and accompanying images that you send me, and that you will be solely liable for all costs and damages (including legal fees incurred by myself or NYCMUSIC.NET) that may arise in the event of a copyright dispute. [Legalese...ick!...but it's necessary.]

Alright, that said, write to me if you want to be in the player!

***UPDATE 5/15/2008: I now maintain a presence on IAC (Independent Artists Company) as well as on MySpace, so now you get into two players for the price of one! And that price is free, of course...***

Appear in NYCMUSIC.NET's Photo Galleries - Great Exposure!

Well, this opportunity is kind of hit or miss, because mostly I just go out to the clubs without any preplanning or any particular idea of what band I want to shoot, but if you want me to photograph your show, just write to me at, and I will try to accomodate. Please note: If I confirm that I will be at your show, you MUST put me on the guest list in order to help keep my expenses down!

And yes, you can use my photos for free in a non-commercial manner (post them to your website/MySpace page, use them in your show flyers, etc.)...please see my photo reprint policy for full details.


The following information is extremely preliminary...this project is still in the planning stages. (I am posting it now to see who expresses interest.)

Great news! I am working on putting together our first sampler CD. I've got big plans for the sampler & I want it to be as good as possible. The purpose of the CD will be to showcase all the great NYC music that's out there, and to try to get some buzz going for the bands...maybe even get a band or two signed. IT'S GONNA BE COOL!!!

When the disc is finished, I will give a big pile to each band to use to promote themselves however they like, and I will take the rest and service them to labels, radio, and industry insiders, and possibly also do giveaways to fans, etc. I do not intend for the sampler to be for sale -- I just want to press up as many discs as we can collectively afford and then we'll give them all away.

This project will not be cheap for me to undertake. I don't see how I can do it for free at present...expenses will have to be shared...if enough bands wish to take part I think we can keep the cost down to about $100 - $200 per band. There's a lot to consider here (artwork, mastering, pressing, legal fees, etc.), so the price range I'm quoting is tentative. However, you know I really like to offer stuff for free, so if there is any way I can figure out how to release this disc without charging the bands, then I will do it! Anybody know of a convenient bank I can rob???

I really need to know how many people would be interested in possibly being included on the CD before I proceed any further, so write to me at and let me know if you think this sampler is a good idea!

More opportunities coming soon!