Photo Reprint Policy

The purpose of these photo galleries is to give exposure to NYC bands, document the music scene, and have some fun in the process. However, people frequently ask me if they can use my photos for their CD's, their flyers, their websites, etc.

The answer is yes, with some limitations. First of all, all uses of my photos MUST include the following photo credit: "Photo by Douglas Craig for NYCMUSIC.NET". Also, please have the courtesy to notify me prior to any intended use of my photos (this is in your best interest; it will allow me to throw some extra publicity your way).

Secondly, only bands I have photographed may use my photos without express written permission from myself; all other users (record labels, music press, etc.) MUST contact me to negotiate a one time use license.

Bands I have photographed may use my photographs for free in a purely promotional manner -- this typically would include posting them to your website or MySpace page, using them on flyers you print up to advertise your shows, etc. It DOES NOT include obviously commercial uses -- for example printing them on T-shirts to sell, or using them in the artwork of CD's that are offered for sale to the public; these sorts of uses directly generate income from my creative work (I put a lot of time, labor, and money into capturing high quality photos) and I am entitled to a small portion of that income, as any artist/copyright holder would be. Please respect my rights as a creator. If you are unsure whether or not a particular use constitutes a commercial use, write to me and ask, and I will tell you. I am willing to negotiate licenses for commercial use at very reasonable rates.

In order to make sure my photos always look their best, please write to me to request high resolution copies of my images if you are planning on using them for print work (show flyers, etc.) -- the photos I post to the web are only web resolution (72 dpi); they are inadequate for most print work (which typically requires 300 dpi).

If you have any questions at all about use of my photos, simply contact me at

All photos Copyright 2007 - 2008 Douglas Craig, All Rights Reserved.

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