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Charm School & The Black Angels at Parkside Lounge 5/10/2008

8/25/2007 - Luna Lounge

(361 Metropolitan Avenue in Brooklyn)

Pora! Pora!
The Sugar Report
Bell Hollow
Luna Lounge miscellaneous photos

8/19/2007 - The Sidewalk Cafe

(94 Avenue A & 6th Street)
The Baby Skins
Mike Baglivi
Sidewalk Cafe miscellaneous photos

8/14/2007 - 169 Bar

(169 E Broadway between Rutgers & Jefferson St.)
169 Bar logo & bathroom art.
Katie Pearlman Band (acoustic set)
Spencer Bowie
Phoebe Kmeck w/Cordelia Stevens
Jaclyn Dima w/Bobby Kane

My sincerest apologies to the bands that did not get photographed that night (I had to leave the club around 11:00 pm):
The Fourelles
4NI - Who I can't seem to locate online; anybody got a link to them? If so, please email me

My Really Long Weekend

Below are the results of the 48 hour non-stop music photo shoot I undertook to kick off the photo gallery section of this website. I ran all over the city for two days straight shooting constantly...I exposed over 2,000 frames of film and burned through three sets of no sleep at was crazy, but it was worth it. It took me a long time to get these galleries sorted through & posted -- so enjoy 'em!

8/4/2007 - The Living Room
Clare & The Reasons
DB Leonard
Edison Woods
Sandra Bell
Benny Rietveld w/cameo appearance by poet Debra Charles
Living Room logo & bathroom art.

8/5/2007 - Washinton Square Park
19th Anniversary of Tompkins Square Park Riot -- punk protest show -- held in Washington Square Park because the organizers could not get a permit for Tompkins Square Park.
(Learn the history of the Tompkins Square Park Riot by clicking
Planned Collapse
Witch Hunt
False Prophets
Leftover Crack
World/Inferno Friendship Society
Crowd shots

8/5/2007 - Cake Shop
Cake Shop miscellaneous photos
Living In Polaroids
Arrah And The Ferns
The Smittens

Gallery of New York Street Art - Stranded in New York. Since I live outside of Manhattan and I chose not to waste time commuting back and forth while working on this photo shoot, I was essentially homeless for the entire between photographing bands at the clubs I had no place to go and nothing to do but wander the streets and take more pictures in an effort to try to stay coherent & awake; were it not for the fact that Cafe Yaffa down on St. Marks is open all night, I would probably have gone totally bonkers! Here are some photos taken during my wanderings.


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